Eugenie Leung

Eugenie’s musical education began prior to her birth when her mother sang hymns and lullabies to her unborn child. Her musical upbringing is a testament to the richness and value of an early childhood music experience. 

Throughout her childhood, Eugenie studied a variety of musical instruments including piano, flute and cello, participated in the Toronto Children’s Chorus, and graduated from the Claude Watson School for the Arts. Following her graduation from York University with her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Primary/Junior focus) degrees, Eugenie discovered her passion for teaching early childhood music and pursued it wholeheartedly. 

She completed her Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education through the Royal Conservatory of Music and Ryerson University. Eugenie is certified in Kodály Pedagogy and Orff Pedagogy, and she has pursued Dalcroze Eurhythmics training. Eugenie’s teaching experience to date includes delivery of Early Childhood Music programming at private music schools, Montessori schools and daycares, and special education music instruction for autistic children.