Jisu Woo

Jisu Woo is a dedicated musician who recently earned her Bachelor’s degree in Violin Performance with Honours, specializing in Composition at the University of Toronto. Her versatility extends beyond performance, as she is equally passionate about teaching and composing music.

As an accomplished soloist, Jisu has garnered awards from prestigious violin competitions, including the Chung-nam Music Festival Violin Competition in South Korea, Richmond Music Festival Competition, and Kiwanis Music Festival Competition. She was also honored with the Gerhard Kander Graduation Award for Violin from the University of Toronto.

With over 5 years of experience in music education, Jisu is committed to creating a joyful and engaging learning environment. Her teaching philosophy centers on person-oriented lessons, recognizing that each student faces unique challenges requiring tailored solutions. By incorporating dynamic teaching methods, she fosters strong relationships between herself and her students, enhancing engagement and motivation.

Being bilingual, Jisu draws parallels between learning music and acquiring a new language. She believes that, like language, the essence of music lies in expressing oneself uniquely. Emphasizing the importance of developing musical ideas and expressing music in individual ways, Jisu guides students not only in mastering techniques but also in the journey of self-expression. This approach not only boosts self-confidence but also nurtures creativity.

Outside the realm of teaching and performing, Jisu enjoys composing music, capturing moments through photography, and spending quality time with her feline companions, Mia and Millie.