Luyao Xu

Ms. Luyao Xu is a dedicated music educator with a Master of Music degree from Michigan State University, specializing in Piano Pedagogy. Luyao honed her skills under the guidance of esteemed professors such as Professor Deborah Moriarty and Georgian pianist Tamar Mikeladze. Complementing her musical expertise, she also holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Toronto, with a focus on Developmental Psychology & Education.

Luyao’s musical journey began at the age of 7 when she was captivated by her classmates’ performances. Since then, she has immersed herself in the world of music, dedicating 18 years to mastering the piano. Alongside her piano proficiency, Luyao has cultivated a deep passion for vocal performance. She contributed her talents as a member of the Hart House Singers Choir at the University of Toronto and currently serves as the Collaborative Pianist of the NeoVoce Philharmonic Choir in Toronto.

As an educator, Luyao is committed to nurturing a love for music in her students, viewing it as a powerful tool for self-expression and connection with the world. While her expertise lies in classical music, particularly the Classical and Romantic periods, she is equally enthusiastic about exploring popular music and incorporating students’ favorite songs into her teaching repertoire.

Join Luyao on a musical journey where learning meets joy and expression knows no bounds.