Frieda Yau

Frieda is a talented and passionate musician with a strong dedication to music education.

Ever since Frieda was young, she has been fascinated by the power of music and its ability to connect people from all walks of life. While piano is her main instrument, she is just as proficient on the violin,  percussion, and the Chinese instrument, Guzheng.

Throughout her musical journey, Frieda has won several music awards for her exceptional talent and hard work. Currently pursuing Bachelor of Music at the University of Toronto, Frieda is committed to developing her skills and knowledge to become an outstanding music educator.

Frieda’s mission is to share her passion for music and inspire the next generation of musicians. She finds teaching energizing and loves being around children. To date, Frieda has taught young children between 2-12 and has shown a remarkable ability to engage her students in fun and creative ways while maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment. She is committed to building effective relationships with her students and their parents, actively listening to and fulfilling their needs to ensure that every child gets the most out of their music education experience.