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Learning to play an instrument should be fun and exciting, no matter your age and level. Whether you are a serious learner who wants to participate in exams and festivals, a returning student picking up an instrument again, a late beginner who wants to fulfill a long-term dream, or you’re just looking to play and have fun, we are here for you!

Our teachers know first hand how profoundly music enriches our lives.  We want to share our experience so that you can also enjoy the gift of music in your life. Our experienced teachers know how to tailor our lessons to fit your needs and foster your musical dream. Let’s make music together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our teachers teach from their own home studio located in various parts of the GTA. We also offer lessons at St. Elizabeth of Hungary and at Rosedale United Church. 

In-home lessons in select locations can be arranged subject to teacher availability. In-home lessons are either 45 min or 60 min, and an additional $10 travel fee is added to your tuition for each visit to help cover our teacher’s travel.

Our school has been operating 100% online since the pandemic, and we were pleasantly surprised with how much our students learned and progressed while online. Online lessons allow teachers and students to connect more frequently and this has been vital in facilitating healthy practice habits and close supervision.

It varies according student’s age and level. Typically beginners students take 30 min lessons. Beyond the first year, we recommend 45 minutes/week. In-home lessons are only offered in 45 min or 60 min. 

Our semesters are 19 weeks long. For 2021-2022, Fall semester is Sep 7-Jan 31 and Winter semester is Feb 1- Jun 20. 

Please see our policy regarding Covid-19 here.

The tuition ranges $180-$380/month per student depending on the length of individual lessons and the teacher. There is a minimum of one term (Sept-Jan, Feb-Jun) commitment.


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