Our teachers



"Only the best is good enough for children. "

That was Zoltan Kodaly’s principle for music education. It was a philosophy that inspired many educators to be the very best teacher we could be for the young students with whom we had the privilege to work and play.  

Over the past 25 years we’ve been teaching music, we learned that being the best teacher is not about shining ourselves as the experts but creating an environment where students can discover themselves becoming experts.

Our job as educators was most fruitful when we orchestrated learning activities and interactions in ways that increased the likelihood of students noticing their own progress . 

This is why we take a play and inquiry based approach in our lessons and we make it our mission to catch students doing good work. In our perspective, that’s the art of pedagogy. 


We share the same passion and dedication for excellence in music and music education.     Our teachers have university level education and continually participate in professional development opportunities including workshops, seminars, and conferences.

Chia-Yu Hsu

Piano, Theory, Bassoon

Sharon Lee

Music Play, Piano