Adam Hu

Adam Hu is a Toronto-based pianist, singer, educator, and visual artist. As a pianist, Adam frequently performs across Canada and the United States. He is a recipient of the Fort Dodge Young Artist Award and winner of the 2015 Iowa State University Concerto Competition.

As a collaborator, Adam has extensive experience working with community music groups, chamber ensembles, choirs, and orchestras. He has been invited to teach several master classes for high school students and have presented lecture recitals for undergraduate students at Roberts Wesleyan University and Iowa State University.

Adam discovered his love for teaching through his work as a music director in local churches. Through teaching music to people of all background and musical literacy, Adam developed an adaptable and approachable teaching style. He is often praised for his imaginative language and methodical approach to the keyboard as an educator

Adam is a graduate of Iowa State University, where he received duo degrees in Civil Engineering and Music. He also holds a master’s degree in piano performance from University of Toronto under the tutelage of Dr. James Parker and Ms. Lydia Wong.

Aside from music, Adam is a fine artist working exclusively with paper. You can find his works in magazines, local galleries, and the 2021 City of Toronto Film Project: Awakenings.