Studio Policy




  • The duration of in-person lessons will be either 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min.
  • 30 min lessons will only be available for students who are 6 or younger.
  • The last 5 min of each lesson will be reserved for parent observation and/or consultation so teachers can inform parents how to support the child’s practice at home.
  • Please plan to arrive 5 min before the start of your lesson so students can use the washroom before class and be ready to start their lesson on time.


  • In case students cannot attend lessons due to emergencies such as sickness or bad weather, the lesson will transition to online provided that it takes place at the student’s regular lesson time.
  • If online lesson at the student’s regular lesson time is not an option (i.e. the student is too sick or the internet is not available), then the student has one of the following options:
    • Online lesson at a mutually convenient time. This may be with your teacher or any other MIO teachers.
    • Asynchronous lesson: Your teacher will send instructional videos on what/how to practice for the week and send comments when student submits practice videos
    • An in-person musicianship/theory class for students who missed a lesson: the group class will be organized on the last Saturday or Sunday of each month except in December and June. It may be delivered by any other Music InsideOut teachers.
  • Non-emergency absence will be accommodated once per term provided that the teacher is notified at least one week in advance. This lesson will be made up during Make-Up Lesson Week when we don’t have any regular lessons.
  • Lessons missed due to other competing activities (more than once a term) will not be made up or refunded.
  • There are no make-up lessons for group classes.


  • If a student is more than 10-minutes late, the teacher is not obligated to continue waiting for the student and the lesson will be forfeited. 
  • If notice is given directly to the teacher via phone/text or email that lateness is to be expected, the teacher will wait as necessary. 
  • Please note that the teacher cannot extend the lesson past the agreed upon weekly timeframe.


  • If the teacher needs to miss or cancel a lesson, the lesson will either be supplied by another teacher or made-up at a mutually convenient time. 
  • Make-up lessons may be delivered online subject to the availability of the teacher and/or the studio.
  • In cases of severe weather, Music InsideOut reserves the right  to switch to virtual lessons to ensure safety for both students and teachers. 


  • First day of lessons & classes: September 05, 2023
  • Last day of lessons & classes: June 17, 2024


  • We follow the TDSB calendar for holidays. There are no lessons/classes scheduled on the following breaks and holidays.
    • Winter Break: December 23, 2023 – January 05, 2024
    • March Break: March 10, 2024 – March 17, 2024
    • Thanksgiving Monday (Oct. 9, 2023)
    • Family Day (Feb. 19, 2024)
    • Easter: Good Friday – Easter Monday (Mar 29-Apr. 1, 2024)
    • Victoria Monday (May 20, 2024)


  • Winter Recital typically takes place in January.
  • Spring Recital typically takes place in June.
  • No regular lessons/classes are scheduled during the week there is a term recital.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in recitals. 
  • Students who wish to participate in recitals may be asked to submit a video recording of their performance a few weeks before the recital date to ensure that they are well prepared and feel ready for the actual performance.  
  • Students and their families are required to stay for the full duration of the recital for which they participate, and demonstrate good concert etiquette. 
  • Disruptive behaviour and/or failure to comply with our expectations for recitals will result in loss of privilege to participate in future recitals.


  • Tuition varies on each teacher’s level of expertise and experience, starting at $45/30 min or $85/60 min.
  • Invoices are due on the 5th of each month.
  • A $45 LATE FEE will be applied after the 10th of each month, and lessons will pause until the overdue payments and late fee have been received in full.
  • Currently, we accept e-transfers for payments to TUITION@MUSICINSIDEOUT.CA
  • In case of early termination with or without advance notice, the deposit towards the last month tuition will be forfeited as a TERMINATION FEE.
  • Please be assured that your tuition pays for far more than the time spent at the piano with students during lessons.
  • Tuition includes lesson planning, progress evaluation, research, creating learning resources or support materials, consultation and check-in with parents when necessary, as well as professional development activities for Music InsideOut teachers.  
  • Tuition does not include the cost for materials, registration fee for festivals or exams, and/or the fee for an accompaniment when applicable/necessary.


  • Students using Musico accounts for online lessons will be charged an additional $5/month. A family can share one account. 
  • In-home lessons may be subject to travel fee ($7+) per visit based on the location and the distance of travel for the teacher.  
  • Extra lessons may be scheduled for students participating in festivals or exams if the student needs extra help. 


  • In-person lessons
    • Please arrive 5 minutes early.
    • When you arrive, please change to indoor shoes when necessary, use the washroom, and make sure to wash your hands with soap thoroughly. 
    • Please wait quietly in the waiting room or outside the studio.
  • In-home lessons
    • Please ensure the lesson takes place in an environment free of distraction and noise. I.e. TV, conversations, cooking, vacuuming, etc..
  • Online lessons
    • Make sure your device is fully charged or plugged in before you log on.
    • Please log on at least 1  min before your class/lesson time so your lesson/class can start without delay. 
    • Make sure there is no background noise interfering with the lesson. Ie. TV, vacuum, talking. 
  • Parents
    • Parents are asked to wait outside the studio as students typically behave differently when parents are present. 
    • On occasions where parents are invited to sit in the lessons, please do not interrupt or interfere with the conversation between the teacher and the student. 
    • Please be on time for drop off/pick up before/after the lesson. MIO is not responsible for supervising the student outside of their lesson time.
  • How to address your teacher
    • Students should address instructors as they address their teachers at school. i.e.  Ms. Koh or Ms. Lydia.
    • Parents may address teachers by their first name when students are not around. 


  • Music books
  • A notebook and/or staff papers
  • Writing tools: a pencil, eraser, crayons
  • Indoor shoes on rainy or snowy days
    • For piano students, please note that heavy rain boots or snow boots are inappropriate for pedaling, and indoor shoes are required for lessons. 


  • We may at times record portions of our lessons or student performances or take pictures which may be used in workshop/conference presentations and/or for marketing purposes on our website and social media. If you would like your child to be excluded from the media, please let us know in writing before the first class. Otherwise, we will assume consent. 


  • The policies, procedures, and fees in this document are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, and Music InsideOut reserves the right to change programs, rules, fees, and any other details that may impact students/parents. 
  • The provision of this document does not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, between any student/parent and Music InsideOut and its representative.


  • Enrolment in lessons at Music InsideOut assumes compliance with the above mentioned policies.
  • The student and parent/guardian must read, understand, and agree to the terms outlined in the policy before enrolment.
  • agree to the terms outlined in the policy before enrolment.