AGE 4-8

Keyboard Games

What's the best way to start piano lessons?

Music learning is like learning a language. First, we listen. Then we learn to speak. As our ability to think develops, our speech patterns become more complex and spontaneous. Then we are ready to learn to read and write. 

Music is best learned when we follow this natural process of listening – performing – improvising – reading – writing. However, the vast majority of piano methods available today start with reading and writing which leads to learning about music more than learning music.

Keyboard Games offers a play-based curriculum designed to guide beginner students in building a strong foundation for musical understanding and pianistic skills.

We focus on “doing music”  so that “learning music” naturally happens. The program is most effective in small groups as children learn best from their peers and motivate each other. So we recommend starting the program with a friend or two. However the program can also be delivered in other formats such as hybrid or individual lessons. 


Frequently Asked Questions

During the pandemic, Keyboard Games classes are offered in combination of Online Group Classes and Individual Lessons (in-person or online). 

The group class is 25 -30 min and individual lessons can be 15 min-30 min for online and 30 min for in-person. Each program runs for one term (18 weeks) from Sept-Jan, and Feb-Jun.30

Online group classes run for a minimum of 4 students. 

In-person group classes can be arranged for 2  (30 min) and 4 (45 min) when circumstances permit. 

Individual lessons are private.

You’ll need a piano – preferably a full size weighted keyboard or piano.

For books, we use Keyboard Games by Marilyn Lowe.

Our semesters are 19 weeks long. For 2021-2022, Fall semester is Sep 7-Jan 31 and Winter semester is Feb 1- Jun 20. 

Please see our policy regarding Covid-19 here.

The tuition ranges $180-280/month per student depending on the length of individual lessons. There is a minimum of one term commitment.


We play with music so we can play music!

Learning music the way we learn our native language.