Imagine a child

who can’t pass by an instrument without playing it. Where does the joy come from? 

At Music InsideOut, this is our vision, mission, and passion. 

In every interaction with our students, we strive to impart not only our expert skills and knowledge but joy and love for music. 

We do this because we believe music is the greatest gift that enriches our lives at every corner. 

So give your child the gift of music today, and with our work behind the stage,

Your child can go beyond the stage.

Music Play

offers the best opportunity for a child’s to absorb and learn music just like a native language, providing the readiness for music lessons in the future. 


lessons focus on building music vocabularies and foundational technique while instilling joy of music with play-based activities.

Young Artists

program creates a community of students who are serious about music.  They regularly participate in master-classes, recitals, festivals, and exams. 


It’s never too late start or re-start music lessons. Music is for everyone and you’ll love making music. Perfect for adult students who need flexibility.

Make music with us!